Spider Pass Looking North

Night, Copper Glance Lake

Edge of Life

Copper Glance, Dawn

Fog on Thunder

Icicle Triptych

Larch Lake Outflow

Rainbow Falls

Reflecting the Emerald

Tamaracks, Lower Enchantments

Dual Reality

Larch at Headlight Basin

Ledge Garden

Sun Rays and Balsamroot

The Living and the Lifeless

Before Winter's Sleep

Vine Maple, Icicle Canyon

Warmth at Minus Four

Winter Sundown, Rodeo Hole

Winter Flames

Frigid Morning

Morning Mist

Sunset, Blackbird Island

Thistles, Camasland

If one does not understand the usefulness of the useless and the uselessness of the useful, one cannot art.   And a country where art isn't understood is a country of slaves and robots.
        -Thomas Merton