Autumn in the Tumwater

Light Beams and Sleeping Lady

Eye of the Blackbird

Christmas Morning

Cashmere Park Sunrise

At Water's Edge

A Light on the Water

Sunrise in the Tumwater

Sleeping Lady Alpenglow


Monet Impressions

Reflections of Autumn

Rising Sun, Tumwater Canyon

The Chase

Yin and Yang

Blue Dawn

End of the Show


Toxic Sunset

Wedge Mtn from Enchantment Park

Autumn Storm, Icicle Creek

Wedge of Light

Sunrise reflections, Camasland

Dryden Lights

Frosted Oregon Grape

Lupine, first light

Branch and Rapids

Icicle, Boulders, Cliff

Rapids and Sunrise
Tumwater Canyon

Still Dreaming

Evening Light, Chiwaukum Creek

Power Falls

Tumwater Color

Before Winter's Sleep

Copper Glance, Dawn

Dual Reality

Fog on Thunder

Afternoon Light on Granite Boulders

Larch Lake Outflow

Rainbow Falls

Crystalline Sunrise

Tamaracks, Lower Enchantments

Crown and Crystal

Warmth at Minus Four

Primeval Mist

Morning Mist

Sunset, Blackbird Island

Winter Flames

Winter Sundown, Rodeo Hole

Pool of Light

Above Rodeo Hole