Glacier Lilies

Tumwater Color

A sojourn in the sky

Sword Fern

Kinnickkinnick Dancer

At Water's Edge

Red Dawn, Blue Lilies


Mad River Lewisia

First Light, Hay Canyon


Sword Fern III

Night Eye


Autumn Fire

Balsamroot and Morning Sunrays

Icicle Lupine

Cliff Dweller

Spanish Moss and Vine Maple


Backlit Tamaracks


Foggy Sunrise, Icicle Valley

Grass Widow and Glacier Lilies


Hill and Balsamroot

Balsam Flower Study

Lupine, first light

Moss and Lilies in granite gully

Camasland Morning

Backlight on Balsamroot Petals

Balsamroot above Woodring Canyon

Sunrise above Dryden

Balsamroot and Moon

Shady Balsamroot

Dances with Yellows

Garden on the Dome

Snag Lilies

Higher Power

Root Snag

Avy Lilies on the dome

Balsamroot in shadow

Shooting Star, granite

Weathered Pine Root

Before Winter's Sleep

Larch at Headlight Basin

Dual Reality

Tamaracks, Lower Enchantments

Reflecting the Emerald

Ledge Garden

Sun Rays and Balsamroot

The Living and the Lifeless

Vine Maple, Icicle Canyon

Copper Glance, Dawn

Above Leavenworth

Thistles, Camasland

Mountain Lilies

Downed Aspen

Into the Light